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  • Scott Slight 100 2018
    SCOTT SLIGHT 100 2018

    This mid fat ski is very versatile and is particularly efficient on soft snow and wide-open spaces. It is full of energy off-piste and floats above powder surface thanks to a natural buoyancy brought by an impressive tip rocker. You will also be pleasantly surprised by what it can do on crud: you will feel the Slight 100 busting through it with ease. You can also ride it for freetouring sessions, to reach and explore new untouched parts of the mountain. Indeed, it remains reasonably lightweight. If the mountain starts to run out of snow in the backcountry, no problem! The Slight 100 can easily be run on-piste if needed. It is enjoyable to steer and smooth to ride as long as you lay beautiful long turns and you avoid short parallel ones.

    $599.00 $469.95

  • Head Supershape i. Rally 2017
    HEAD Supershape i.Rally 2017

    With the heart of a race ski and the width of a side-stash basher the i.Supershape Rally is a versatile, all-round recreational carver for railing at speed on and off piste. It has been empowered with centered Graphene, making the ski lighter with superior power, control and balance. While our hand built Worldcup Construction guarantees perfect hold and carvibility, with energy enhancing KERS and the Rocker, Radius and Rebound of ERA 3.0 S. In short it is an all-conditions carver that delivers ultimate fun. Integrated Tyrolia PX 12 binding

    $999.95 $629.00

  • Armada Victa 93 2018
    ARMADA VICTA 93 2018

    Whether you are railing groomers or the day turns into a pow day, this is the ski to bring along. A 93mm waist and rockered tip are ready to tear it up in the deep stuff, while a responsive Laminate Matrix and Power-Lite Core make sure the women’s Victa 93 is lively edge-to-edge on hard snow – creating an all-in-one fun machine. ailing groomers, or is that storm gonna deliver and turn it into a pow day?

    $499.00 $449.00
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  • Travel Dry 1
    DryGuy Travel Dry

    The Travel Dry is a state-of-the-art, breakthrough in portable convection drying. The open frame design with the large aluminum heat sink brings new speed and energy efficiency to convection drying. Sandwiching an advanced silicone rubber coated heating element between two custom fitted aluminum plates allows the use of increased wattages without the risk of footwear damaging hot spots. The Travel Dry delivers light, portable, efficient drying for a wide variety of footwear, reducing odor and increasing comfort.


  • DX 1
    DryGuy Travel Dry DX

    Travel Dry DX was developed utilizing wind science principles to blend ram-air induction with the thermal convection philosophy. Fresh air is drawn over the thermal heating elements with a fan and gently vents warm air throughout the toe box removing wetness and warming boots or shoes in a fraction of the time. Its compact design and ability to work from your vehicle outlet make it the perfect travel accessory for any outdoors trip. Warm your boots on the way up the mountain, dry them out on the way back!

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  • Boot Glove
    DryGuy Boot Glove

    Designed in the harsh Alaskan Arctic, the BootGlove provides a protecting layer of insulating neoprene for your ski boots to reduce wind chill and prevent loss of body heat in extreme winter conditions. Overall, the BootGlove retains an average of +20°F/7°C in your boot's toe box, conserving heat loss where it's most important...YOUR FEET!


  • Hotronic Footwarmer
    Hotronic FootWarmer S4 Custom

    Included in the S4 Custom set are two Battery Packs, one Recharger, two Heating Elements, two Caberelle Covers that are one sizes fits all, that work with any type of footbed, custom, pre-molded or stock. S4 utilizes a NiMH AA battery that has a high capacity cold temperature operation. These NiMH battery cells do not have a memory effect that has plagued boot heating systems for years, and does not need to be fully drained before being recharged. Warmer feet improve your balance; better balance improves your skiing. Get some today. Improve your Skiing! Warmer Feet=Better Balance. Better Balance=Better Skiing! Great for Diabetics/ Works on Custom, Pre-Molded, and Stock Footbeds/ 3 Base Level Settings for Comfort and Warmth 4th Timed Setting for Extra Heat/ High Capacity, Cold Temperature operation NiMH AA Batteries NiMH Cells Do Not Have a Memory Effect, that Does Not Need a Discharge Before Fully Charging/ Recharger LEDs Indicate Recharging Mode and Charge Status


  • Volkl Rtm 84
    Volkl RTM 84 IPT WR XL 2018

    With Volkl's updated 3D.GLASS construction, the RTM 84 gets a significant upgrade for 17/18. Add to that the WideRide XL binding system with GripWalk compatibility, extended Tip and Tail Rocker with camber under foot, and UVO technology, and you can see why the RTM 84 puts the skier in total control of the front side of the mountain. From hard snow to the occasional off-piste adventure, Völkl engineers have created the performance standard that advanced to expert skiers will feel and enjoy on every turn. The RTM 84 with a bit of rocker in the tail will be fine in bumps and trees, will have no problem ripping a bowl, but it’s home is on the groomed terrain even as it gets chopped up.

    $999.00 $699.00

  • Volkl RTM 78
    Volkl RTM 78 4Motion XL 2018

    Volkl’s RTM 78 is designed for the upper intermediate to advanced skier. Tip Rocker enhances turn initiation, while the camber underfoot and to the tail provides excellent edge grip and a stable, confidence inspiring feel. Reinforced with steel, they have excellent edge hold and are incredibly responsive, ideal for someone still getting comfortable on snow. Lightweight but durable, the Völkl RTM 78 Skis + 4Motion XL 12.0 TCX Bindings offer incredible versatility and maximize your learning potential.

    $799.00 $579.95

  • Volkl Yumi

    The new Yumi is completely re-designed with a wider, 84mm waist, creating an even more playful, easy handling ski. Volkl has also updated it with Titanal Band construction, adding stability and smoothness without extra weight. This ski features traditional camber through the body of the ski for grip and stability, but it has a rockered tip that smooths out bumpy rides, cruises over soft patches, and makes it super easy to initiate turns in almost any condition. Additionally, the Yumi boasts a moderate turning radius, making it easy to control, and the 84mm waist is slim enough to be nimble, but wide enough to provide a stable platform.

    $549.00 $419.00

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