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    Durable construction and turn-friendly shaping make the Bantam a perfect choice for a young grom learning where your love of skiing comes from. Here’s everything you need to get a kid’s stoke started and begin grooming your shred buddy.

    $199.95 $149.00

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    ARMADA ARV 84 2017

    We were never much into rules growing up, that's how our ARV series came to redefine skiing as we know it. For today's generation of little anarchists, there is the ARV 84 to make the entire mountain into a playground. Rail groomers, spin off cat tracks and find transitions wherever accessible – do it all with this ski and let your style write its own rules.

    $299.95 $254.95
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  • Elan Ripstick 86
    ELAN Ripstick 86 Junior 2017

    Featuring BC Rocker (full tip and semi tail rocker) for superior floatation and improved turning, this ski handles the front and backsides of the mountain with confidence-enhancing performance that allows skiers to seek adventure on all terrain and any snow conditions.


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