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  • Armada Victa 93
    ARMADA VICTA 93 2017

    Are you railing groomers, or is that storm gonna deliver and turn it into a pow day? Whatever you find out on the mountain, here’s the ski to bring along.

    $499.95 $374.95

  • Kore 93
    Head Kore 93 2018

    Super versatile and better at moderate speeds than the wider KORE models, the KORE 93 displays snappy performance in everything from perfect corduroy to bumps, with excellent, but not "hooky", edgehold. FEATURES Graphene-KOROYD-Carbon Sandwich Cap Construction KARUBA Light Weight Wood Core Topless Tech, Split Sidewalls Structured diecut UHM C Base Tip-Tail Rocker


  • Head Kore 105
    Head Kore 105 2018

    Head into your freeride adventure with the Kore 105. The Tip-Tail Rocker gives you the perfect buoyancy in the finest powder. The Karuba wood core makes skiing extremely easy. The Graphene, Koroyd, and Carbon sandwich construction redefines your performance level. In addition to damping, the processed Koroyd gives you precise control on every terrain. The carbon layers guarantee torsional stiffness for better agility and solid use of edges. Graphene on the tip and tail allows for a thin profile, so that you can glide along soft snow. No matter what is waiting for you out on the mountain. You will be ready and discover the lightness of being.


  • Pure Joy 18
    Head Pure Joy SLR 2018

    The Head Women's Pure Joy All Mountain Skis are the perfect pairing for an all mountain adventure. The Allride Rocker is equally at home on bulletproof snow as it is in powder. This profile uses early rise in the tip with regular camber throughout the rest of the ski. Skiing is at the heart of joy, and this ski ensures you get plenty of it. Always easy going and always in control, the pure JOY will bring a lifetime on the slopes. BINDINGS: - 100696 JOY 9 AC SLR - Brake 78 [H]


  • Nordica Navigator 80
    Nordica Navigator 80 2018

    The Navigator 80 is designed to make skiing truly accessible. Its unique Hex Bridge construction pairs a full wood core with a matrix of metal to create a ski that’s especially light and easy to maneuver in all terrain. This construction also provides exceptional edge hold and response while reducing vibrations for a smooth and predictable ride. By inspiring confidence and making it is easier to ski, the Navigator 80 keeps you smiling.


  • Nordica Navigator 90
    Nordica Navigator 90 2018

    Thanks to its 90mm waist, it’s the widest and most powerful ski in the Navigator collection. Inspired by Nordica’s award-winning Enforcer, it caters to those who want a snappy ski that can excel on and off the trail. The ski’s wider waist and early rise tip can handle diverse terrain and conditions while its classic, squared-off tail shape offers exceptional power and stability, as well as effortless transitions between turns. Enjoy every trail on the mountain with the Navigator 90.


  • Santa Ana 2018
    Nordica Santa Ana 93 2018

    With the narrowest profile in the collection, the Santa Ana 93 loves making fluid turns on groomers—yet it can still make you smile on a powder day. A balsa wood core with carbon sandwiched between two sheets of metal minimizes weight and ensures the ski is easy to maneuver. For additional flotation in powder and to readily navigate variable conditions, it sports an early rise tip and tail rocker profile. Light, powerful, and playful the Santa Ana 93 is the most balanced ski in the collection.


  • Astral 84 2018
    Nordica Astral 84 2018

    The Astral 84 is constructed around Nordica's Titanium Hex Bridge that reduces weight without minimizing strength and durability. When you speed down the mountain you will notice the benefits of efficient energy transfer and the dampening of unwanted chatter and vibration after just one run! The Balsa Wood Core is light yet exceptionally strong while the Early Rise Tip and Tail Rocker Profile ensures that you enjoy the benefits of better flotation and bump absorption. All of these features work together to ensure that the Nordica Astral 84 is the all mountain women's ski that can take you anywhere on the mountain.


  • Volkl Kanjo
    Volkl Kanjo 2018

    The new Volkl Kanjo makes a great ski for the strong intermediate to expert skier looking for a lively and energetic ski for the frontside of the mountain. A Multi-Layer WoodCore and a Titanal Band (instead of metal) feel light on your feet, but stable and powerful when you crank up the speed or come across some cruddy conditions. The 84mm waist feels agile when you are carving medium radius turns on the groomers and it rips in moguls and tight trees thanks to the slight early taper and light overall weight.

    $549.00 $389.00

  • Volkl Revolt Junior
    Volkl Revolt Junior 2018

    The Revolt Jr. from Volkl is a perfect all-mountain twin tip for little skiers who will be zipping down the groomers and hit the park. Volkl's Full Sensor Woodcore is loaded with energy and stability. The Power Shell Construction adds some forgiveness that prevents the Revolt from being too demanding or fatiguing for the lighter weight skier. A Full Rocker Profile allows for easy turning and playfulness for little rippers to enjoy the entire mountain.


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