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  • Metallic Black
    UNION T-Rice Binding 2017

    Incredibly light and comfortable highback features a modern fit shape and durability levels second to none. Ideal for riders using a wide stance, Canted Gas Pedals on the T.RICE supply extra leverage for ollie power. Canting also allows the ankle and knee joints to be aligned, alleviating pain.

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  • Black
    UNION ST Binding 2017

    With an unprecedented performance for the price, the ST represents our philosophy that there is no such thing as “entry level” in the Union family of bindings. Constantly investing and reinvesting into product is what sets Union apart from the competition.


  • Union Juliet 2019
    UNION Juliet 2019

    The Juliet is one of Union's best selling bindings, and the reason is clear – it’s packed with high-end materials and women-specific features throughout, for lightweight, season-long comfort backed with lifetime durability. Canted footbeds work in harmony with asymmetric highbacks making the Juliet the best riding binding in this price range.


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