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  • Capita Magnolia 2016
    Capita Magnolia 2016

    The Capita Magnolia is a freestyle snowboard with a twin board shape. This board will excel at tricks, whether you never leave the park or jib and jab across the mountain. The twin shape allows you to land in any direction.

    $399.95 $259.00

  • Capita Space Metal Fantasy 2013
    Capita Space Metal Fantasy 2013

    Reverse Camber Freestyle A soft longitudinal and lateral flex combined with elevated contact points make this a really fun board to press and butter in the park, and makes for an effortless catch-free ride for any beginners and intermediates out there looking for an easy board to ride.The Extruded Base is extremely durable, exactly what you need to hit rails and boxes. The CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy is the perfect board for any female freestyle rider.

    $359.95 $215.00

  • Arbor Zygote Twin
    Arbor Zygote Twin 2018

    The Zygote is a non–symmetrical twin – a fusion of true–twin on–snow geometry with a distinct tip and kick-tail that pay homage to 80’s skateboard design. While dissimilar in shape, the tips share identical widths, heights, and lengths for true freestyle performance. Artist: C.R. Stecyk III System Camber / Non-Symmetrical Twin / Soft Flex INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED

    $399.00 $359.95

  • Arbor Cadence
    Arbor Cadence 2018

    The Cadence is a freestyle oriented snowboard for women who ride all–mountain. A softer flex makes turning effortless and learning tricks easy like Sunday morning. The Cadence is geared towards park, but ready for wherever your freestyle takes you. System Rocker / Women-Specific / True-Twin / Medium-Soft Flex INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED

    $399.00 $319.95

  • Never Summer Onyx 2017
    Never Summer Onyx 2017

    Play all day on the Onyx. This true twin beauty has our Original Rocker Camber Profile, Vario Power Grip Sidecut, Press Flex Core and flawless flex. The Onyx is the most crisp feeling, softest and most playful board in the women’s lineup. Rule the park and show who’s boss by stomping every jump, sliding every rail and buttering down the mountain.

    $469.00 $329.00
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  • Never Summer Shaper Twin 2019
    NEVER SUMMER Shaper Twin 2019

    Shape Shifter / Carve Type: Hypnotizing Introducing the newest member of the Shaper Series...the Fusion Rocker Camber SHAPER TWIN. Born a mutant, with 10mm of taper, a centered stance, premier switch ride-ability, and insane park performance the Shaper Twin is dominating the Freestyle Twin Category. A balanced and exceptional performance in every terrain ventured. In the tail is Ripsaw Rocker Camber so you get trench digging edge hold, snap out of turns, and huge pop. In the nose is Original Rocker Camber for insane float and a surfboard feel. It’s a nuclear fusion of profiles.


  • Never Summer Funslinger 2019
    NEVER SUMMER Funslinger 2019

    Freestyle Twin Never Summer is all about fun slinging and this asymmetrical twin is ready to sling some fun! The asymmetrical Funslinger features a deeper heelside sidecut combined with the Ripsaw Rocker Camber Profile. This board has a soft flex, crazy bite for amazing freestyle performance with a snappier feel. X - Wide version of the original


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